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Citizen Tea

CITIZEN TEA Immune Support Tea

CITIZEN TEA Immune Support Tea

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Citizen Tea - Immune Support Tea - 100 Gram(s) - NPN: 00000000 -- Achy joints, fogginess, lethargy. You know the symptoms of a battered immune system all too well and you know you need to act fast. Except its 11: 30 pm and the closest pharmacy has been closed for at least an hour. You scour the medicine cabinet, vapour rub and half a box of tissues are all you have on hand to help combat this looming cold. We know, this is the worst-case scenario, yet it feels like its every getting-sick-scenario. Inspired by all those times you could feel yourself teetering on the edge of the worst flu ever, weve brought to you the exclusive CitizenTea blend, Immune Support. Let burdock root help alleviate joint and muscle pain, while cloves work to destroy pathogens and help the body strengthen its own resistance to infection. Blended with peppermint and lemongrass for a pop of freshness, and ginger and cinnamon to increase your internal temperature, this fresh, vibrant, sharp blend offers the ultimate natural immune support. Its the only thing youll ever need in your medicine cabinet again.

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