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Citizen Tea

CITIZEN TEA Detox Morning Tea

CITIZEN TEA Detox Morning Tea

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Citizen Tea - Detox Morning Tea - 100 Gram(s) - NPN: 00000000 -- At CitizenTea, we believe in a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle, and our Detox Morning was crafted exclusively for you to start your day off the healthy way. Replacing your a.m. latte with this wellness blend will help cut calories and leave you feeling energized throughout the day. Let bursts of tangy lemon peel revitalize and awaken your senses, and fiery chilli simulate blood flow, promoting circulation and strengthening your heart. Let refreshing peppermint boost your immune system and fight infection while licorice root works to relieve stress and calm your mind. Theres nothing that can better motivate you than starting the day with a cleansed body and mind. Check out our Detox Afternoon and Detox Evening blends to help you in the p.m., or our Daily Detox trio for the full package.

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