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Living Alchemy

LIVING ALCHEMY Your Flora - Man (60 vegan caps)

LIVING ALCHEMY Your Flora - Man (60 vegan caps)

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Living Alchemy - Your Flora - Man - 60 Vegan Capsule(s) - NPN : 80110751

Your Flora® MAN is made for men of all ages to support their specific needs and lifestyle. Formulated with certified organic whole food ingredients only, including saw palmetto, cranberry and our diverse strains of beneficial micro-organisms to enhance their digestive flora, urinary and prostate care.

  • Promotes a Healthy Prostate
  • Provides Urinary Tract Balance
  • Made for Men Of All Ages
  • Helps Support Intestinal/Gastrointestinal Health & Promotes a Favorable Gut Flora
The next generation of probiotics, a fermented diverse strain Symbiotic. It’s a complete digestive solution, an all in one capsule including probiotics, prebiotics, enzymes, and nutrients to deliver a healthy gut ecosystem. No refrigeration needed.
  • One Complete Digestive Solution: Your Flora Symbiotics
  • Provides Probiotics, Prebiotics, Enzymes & Nutrients
  • 80% Survival Rate of Microbes in the Gut
  • Diverse Strain Kefir-Kombucha Fermentation
  • Plus Organic Cranberry & Saw Palmetto
  • Superior Bioavailability
  • Shelf stable. No Refrigeration Required
  • Whole Food Source Symbiotics

Kefi-Soy™: Non-GMO Organic Fermented Freeze-Dried Soybean … 133.3 mg
     (Glycine max, seed) (fermented with diverse strain Kefir-kombucha culture)
Organic Cranberry ... 133.3 mg  (Vaccinium macrocarpon, fruit)
Organic Saw Palmetto … 133.3 mg (Serenoa repens, fruit)

Non-medicinal Ingredients
Organic pullulan capsule (Organic pullulan starch, water)

Adults: Take 1-3 capsules daily with or without food. Take at least 2-3 hours before or after antibiotics

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